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Vol. 38, No. 18


Trustees, 2/7/08

An increase in the price of athletics tickets was among several items approved by the Ohio State University Board of Trustees at its bimonthly meeting Feb. 1 at Longaberger Alumni House.

Prices adjusted for golf, football, basketball

Football tickets for the 2008-09 season will increase by $1 to $31 for students and by $2 to $51 for faculty and staff. Tickets for box seats in sections B and BB, reserve tickets and club tickets will increase by $2 to $72, $62 and $63, respectively. Tickets to men’s basketball games will increase by $1.

The Department of Athletics will increase the allotment cap for student season football tickets to 30,000 from 26,500 for the coming season.

Annual membership dues for the university’s golf course will increase from $1,640 to $1,760 for faculty and staff and from $2,065 to $2,200 for alumni and affiliates. Student dues will remain the same at $550.
Program gets injured workers back on the job, saves money
Michael Susi, an equipment operator in Solid Waste Disposal, sustained an injury at work last fall that caused significant restriction on his ability to lift and bend.'

The injury seriously affected his ability to perform his job, and his department subsequently told him to he would need to go home. Thanks to OSU’s Transitional Work Policy, Susi did not have to remain at home for long.
“I couldn’t believe it when (Integrated Disability) called,” he said. “I didn’t know that I had an option of coming back to work before I could do my job. When I was told I could work in a different department, I said, ‘Let’s go for it.’”

In an effort to help curb the staggering number of worker’s compensation dollars paid out each year, Ohio State recently implemented a Transitional Work Program, which requires staff eligible for workers’ compensation benefits to be placed into a continued productive working assignment rather than being off work collecting disability compensation.
The board’s Fiscal Affairs Committee heard a detailed report on the program from Tori Weeks, manager-Integrated Disability for Human Resources, at its meeting Jan. 31.

The board as a whole heard an overview and applauded the program at its meeting Feb. 1.

The university invested about $300,000 to hire staff to perform evaluation and placement of workers and to monitor their progress, and in return the Transitional Work Program has saved the university more than $2 million.

That figure doesn’t even include savings from not hiring contracted temporary help for the work that is done by employees in the program. Weeks said 257 employees have participated in the program, avoiding more than 15,000 days of disability status and providing those same 15,000-plus days of work to the department that provides the transition work.

And there’s no monetary measure of the improved morale of injured university employees. Their pay stays the same as for their regular job, as opposed to the reduction that comes with disability status.

After being off work for only two days, Susi returned to work in a different department doing seated, data entry work. “The new department was so nice and helpful, and I knew I was helping them to complete a major project and that felt good,” he said.
As he progressed in his recovery, Susi was able to slowly integrate himself back into his home department. “My regular job is very physically demanding, and this way I was able to heal but still work.”

After three months of transitional work, Susi returned to his department, healed and ready to take on his full job duties. Weeks said employees are generally back to their original positions within four weeks of the injury.

Bowman named to hospital board

The board approved the appointment of Denvy Bowman to the University Hospital East Board, effective Feb. 1 through Jan. 31, 2011.

Bowman is president of Capital University in Bexley.

Medical staff bylaws amended, updated

The board approved several amendments to the Bylaws of the Medical Staff of The Ohio State University.

The purpose of the amendments was to:

  • Update Professional Affairs Committee name.

  • Add Professionalism Policy as a policy in which all members of the medical staff must comply.

  • Move automatic suspension of membership of the medical staff for resignation, termination or non-reappointment of OSU faculty appointment from “Membership” section to “Automatic Suspension” section.

  • Revise and update “Peer Review and Corrective Action” section to accurately reflect current practice.

  • Add provisions to the “Hearing and Appeal Process” section that allows Professional Affairs Committee and the University Hospitals Board to remand hearing committee reports back to Medical Staff Administrative Committee for further action as directed.

  • Add a provision to the “Administration of the Medical Staff” section to comply with JCAHO standards to allow the Licensed Independent Practitioner Health Committee to initiate appropriate actions when a practitioner fails to complete a required rehabilitation program.

Personnel actions
The board approved the following personnel actions:

  • Rustin Moore has been named professor and holder of The Bud and Marilyn Jenne Designated Professorship in Equine Clinical Sciences and Research in the College of Veterinary Science, effective Nov. 1, 2007, through Oct. 31, 2010.

  • Peter Weiler has been named senior vice president of development and president of The Ohio State University Foundation in the Office of University Development, effective March 17 through Jan. 31, 2013.

  • Michael Caligiuri has been named chief executive officer at The Arthur G. James Cancer Hospital and Richard J. Solove Research Institute, effective Nov. 1, 2007, through June 30, 2012. He holds concurrent appointments as director of the Comprehensive Cancer Center, professor of internal medicine and The John L. Marakas Nationwide Insurance Enterprise Foundation Chair in Cancer Research.

  • Richard A. Hollingsworth has been reappointed vice president for student affairs in the Office of Student Affairs, effective Jan. 1.

Emeritus titles approved

The board granted emeritus status to the following faculty:
  • Steven Boer, professor emeritus in the Department of Philosophy, effective April 1;

  • Robert Lawson, professor emeritus in the School of Educational Policy and Leadership, effective July 1;

  • George Pappas, professor emeritus in the Department of Philosophy, effective April 1;

  • Roy Stein, professor emeritus in the Department of Evolution, Ecology and Organismal Biology, effective Feb. 1;

  • Neil Baker, associate professor emeritus in the Department of Microbiology, effective Feb. 1;

  • Gary Maul, associate professor emeritus in the Department of Industrial, Welding and Systems Engineering, effective Feb. 1, and

  • Kenneth Simeral, associate professor emeritus in the Ohio State University Extension, effective Feb. 1.

Resolutions in memoriam

The board adopted the following resolutions in memoriam honoring deceased faculty:
  • Charles Hoffman, professor emeritus in the Department of Germanic Languages and Literatures, who died Oct. 29, 2007;
  • Howard Phillips, professor emeritus in the Department of Agricultural, Environmental and Development Economics, who died Sept. 24, 2007, and
  • James Provost, instructor emeritus in the School ofPhysical Activity and Educational Services, who died Oct. 22, 2007.
Development report
The December 2007 development report accepted by the Trustees Feb. 1 included the establishment of the Jo Ann Davidson Scholarship Fund, named for the current member of the Board and former Speaker of the Ohio House of Representatives, as well as 13 other new named endowed funds totaling more than $2.3 million.

Establishment of named endowed funds
  • The Robert F. Shurtz Endowed Fund in the College of Engineering, $407,337.
  • The Abercrombie & Fitch Chair Fund in Inflammatory Bowel Disease, $520,000.
  • The Abercrombie & Fitch Women’s Oncology Center Endowment Fund, $385,000.
  • The Jo Ann Davidson Scholarship Fund, $260,258.
  • Henry F. and Raymond W. Dachsteiner Music Scholarship Fund, $198,599.
  • Ohio State Lima Spring for Scholarships Fund, $130,378.
  • Women’s Studies Professional Development Fund, $100,415.
  • The H.C. and Piyu C. Ko Endowment Fund, $57,102.
  • George and Lynn Ankney Scholarship Fund, $50,448.
  • The Szykowny Family Scholarship Fund, $50,274.
  • Roger W. LeValley, DDS, Agricultural Education Endowment Fund, $50,000.
  • The Lauren Sanders American Sign Language Fund, $50,000.
  • The E. Christopher Ellison, MD, FACS, and Mary Pat Borgess, MD, Surgery Scholars Fund, $43,177.
  • The Farnham E. Mosley Accounting Scholarship Fund, $25,000.

Changes in names and descriptions
  • From the University Pathology Services Clinical Pathology Professorship to the Jack C. Geer, MD, Professorship in Pathology.
  • From the Dennis E. Clark/Columbus Life Underwriters Chair in Surgical Oncology Research Fund to the Dennis E. Clark/National Association of Insurance and Financial Advisors-Columbus Chapter/Columbus Chapter of the Society of Financial Service Professionals Chair Fund in Surgical Oncology Research.
  • From the Producers Livestock Association Endowment Fund to the United Producers Vice President’s Excellence Fund.
  • From the Michael R. Zetz Scholarship Fund to the Michael R. Zetz and R. Neil Sundheimer Scholarship Fund.
  • From the Farnham E. Mosley Scholarship Fund to the Farnham E. Mosley Urbana Scholarship Fund.
  • From Jack Nicklaus/The Toro Company Turfgrass Legacy Endowment Fund to The Toro Company/Jack Nicklaus Turfgrass Legacy Endowment Fund.

Closure of Named Endowed Fund
  • Francis P. Robinson, Frank M. Fletcher, Harold B. Pepinsky and Maude Stewart Endowment Fund.

External investment managers appointed

Based on the recommendations of the Development and Investment Committee, the board approved external investment manager changes and index fund reallocations as needed to maintain target asset allocations previously approved by the board.

The university utilizes the services of external investment managers and index funds to assist in the management of the university’s long-term investment pool.

New policy on board review adopted
The board approved adopting a policy regarding its review and approval of facilities improvement projects and real estate transactions.

The board will retain sole authority with respect to university facilities improvement projects and real estate transactions unless otherwise delegated. The policy is designed to provide the flexibility needed to ensure the timely completion of facilities improvement projects while ensuring that the board retains the authority and ability to exercise appropriate oversight, especially with major projects.

Construction projects approved
The board authorized the university to enter into design contracts for the following projects:
  • Renovation of the registration and waiting areas for the Dental Clinic in Postle Hall. Estimated project cost is $377,604 to be provided by College of Dentistry general funds.
  • Upgrades to the existing fire alarm systems in Paterson, Bradley, Mack, Canfield and Baker halls. Estimated project cost is $3.4 million to be provided by university bond proceeds.
  • Replacement of the fan coil units in each of the resident rooms and public areas in Taylor Tower. Estimated project cost is $3 million to be provided by university bond proceeds.

The board authorized the university to enter into construction contracts for the following projects:
  • Upgrades to the security systems in the Fisher College of Business buildings. Estimated project cost is $2.5 million to be provided by university central funds.
  • Renovations and new construction in Pounden Hall at the Ohio Agricultural Research and Development Center for the new Pounden Technology Development Center. Estimated project cost is $1.5 million to be provided by grant and department general funds.
  • Rehabilitation of Smith Laboratory for the Anthropology Department. Estimated project cost is $3.4 million to be provided by state and College of Social and Behavioral Sciences funds.
  • Renovations to Rhodes Hall to expand the Medical Center Emergency Room. Estimated project cost is $1.9 million to be provided by Medical Center auxiliary funds.
Varsity crew facility lease amended
The board approved a 40-year lease between the city of Columbus and the university in July 2007 for a boathouse to be constructed on city-owned property at Griggs Reservoir.

Design and construction costs for the boathouse, which will be used by Ohio State’s varsity crew, will make up the total rent paid by the university for the full term of the lease. The initial estimated design and construction cost was $3.3 million, which has since risen to $4.87 million due to unforeseen construction issues and programmatic changes.

The board approved amending the lease to increase the rent to the higher figure to be funded by Department of Athletics reserve funds and future fundraising.

Easements granted
The board authorized the university to grant the city of Columbus two 25-year easements south of West Lane Avenue to relocate the existing sanitary sewer and sidewalk to accommodate the Lane Avenue Parking Garage.

The next meeting of the Board of Trustees will be April 4 at the Longaberger Alumni House.

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