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onCampus--Ohio State's faculty/staff news

Vol. 38, No. 18


University-wide awards information

Alumni Award for Distinguished Teaching
Deadline for nomination: Oct. 17.
The Alumni Award for Distinguished Teaching recognizes a maximum of 10 faculty for outstanding teaching. Students, faculty and alumni may nominate candidates, and a committee of faculty, students and alumni chooses recipients. Faculty are recognized with a $3,000 honorarium made possible by gifts from alumni, friends of the university and the Office of Academic Affairs (OAA). In addition, OAA awards an increase of $1,200 to each recipient's base salary.
Contact: Cal Timbrook, 292-5672 or timbrook.8@osu.edu.
On the Web: oaa.osu.edu/awards/teaching.

Distinguished Diversity Enhancement Award
Deadline for nomination: Dec. 31.
The DDEA honors up to five individuals (faculty, staff, students or alumni), offices, departments or organizations that have developed and implemented programs, policies and/or procedures that have demonstrated a significant commitment to enhance diversity at Ohio State. The Senate Diversity Committee, in cooperation with the Office of Human Resources, awards recipients $1,200.
Contact: Michele Bondurant, 292-4341 or bondurant.11@osu.edu.
On the Web: hr.osu.edu/special/ddea.

Distinguished Scholar Award
Deadline for nomination: Oct. 20.
This award recognizes a maximum of six faculty members for outstanding scholarly achievements.  Each recipient is awarded a $20,000 research grant for the pursuit of further scholarly activity and a $3,000 honorarium from the Office of Research.
Contact: Anita Bratcher, 292-1582 or bratcher.1@osu.edu.
On the Web: research.osu.edu/programs/dsa.

Distinguished Staff Award
Deadline for nomination: Jan. 12.
This award recognizes 12 staff members who have had at least five years of continuous service for exceptional accomplishments, leadership and service to the university community by significantly improving or enhancing the quality of work/life in ways that make a substantial difference for their colleagues, contributing to outstanding and sustained improvements in customer services and developing creative solutions to problems that result in significantly more effective and efficient university operations.  The Office of Human Resources awards honorees a $1,500 cash award and a $700 increase to their base salary.
Contact: Michele Bondurant, 292-4341 or bondurant.11@osu.edu.
On the Web: hr.osu.edu/special/dsa.

Distinguished University Professor
Deadline for nomination: Jan. 9.
This title is annually awarded to no more than three exceptional faculty who have been at Ohio State for at least five years.  The permanent title recognizes a balance of excellence in research, scholarly or creative work, teaching and service that are both distinguished and distinctive.  The Office of Academic Affairs provides honored faculty with a one-time award of $30,000 to support their academic work.  Honorees are expected to continue a regular program of teaching, research, scholarly or creative work and service.
Contact: Molly Davis, 292-5881 or davis.436@osu.edu.
On the Web: oaa.osu.edu/awards/professor.

Distinguished Service Award
Deadline for nomination: Dec. 15.
This award honors individuals who have rendered exceptional service to the university. Awards are not made on the basis of long, faithful or loyal service alone, but rather for service that is truly distinguished. Recipients of this award, who may include faculty and staff who have been retired at least one year, alumni or non-OSU-affiliated individuals, have provided a broad spectrum of services to the university in both official and unofficial capacities.
Contact: Debbie Stump, 292-0064 or stump.28@osu.edu.
On the Web: osu.edu/facultystaff/university_awards/dist_service.

Faculty Award for Distinguished University Service
Deadline for nomination: Nov. 7.
This award is presented to a maximum of three faculty who have made extensive contributions (other than in formal administrative roles) to the development and implementation of university policies and programs that have made documentable impact on the quality of the University.  Recipients will have served in leadership roles on university-level committees or in similar capacities while continuing effective teaching and an active program of research, scholarship or creative work.  The Office of Academic Affairs presents recipients with a $3,000 cash award and a $1,200 increase to their base salary.
Contact: Molly Davis, 292-5881 or davis.436@osu.edu.
On the Web: oaa.osu.edu/awards/service.

University Distinguished Lecture Series
Deadline for nomination: Jan. 9
This program annually recognizes two senior faculty members for their outstanding academic achievement -- particularly, but not exclusively, in research, scholarship or creative activity. Each recipient presents a scholarly lecture, open to the university community and to the public, followed by a reception. The Office of Academic Affairs provides a $5,000 award for the lecturer to designate to an academic program or project of her or his choice.
Contact: Molly Davis, 292-5881 or davis.436@osu.edu.
On the Web: oaa.osu.edu/awards/lecture.

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