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Dec. 20 , 2001
Vol. 31, No. 11

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Staff member enjoys 45 years, and counting

When Rose M. Coleman accepted a position as a typist in a steno pool in 1956, there was no way of knowing she was beginning a relationship with Ohio State that would last 45 years, and counting.

"I was 19, almost 20. It was just going to be a temporary job," Coleman said. "I'd just finished a year of business school, and was getting ready to go on interviews. A friend working here in a steno pool said they needed some help and convinced me that I should come over and talk to them."

Her career has taken her through much of the medical campus. Her first position was in the Columbus Psychiatric Hospital, which later became the Department of Psychiatry. She then worked as an assistant for Robert Atwell at the Columbus Tuberculosis Hospital, which eventually merged with the University Hospitals system, and continued to work with him when he moved to the School of Allied Medical Professions, and when he spent a year as acting dean of the College of Medicine. She is now administrative secretary for Stephen L. Wilson, director of Allied Medical Professions.

She said she has no immediate plans to retire, although she may consider it in a couple of years. "I'm still enjoying the job and they seem to like having me around," she said.

The secret to her longevity? "Just being here and working with good people over the years and the opportunity to make moves within the medical complex," Coleman said. "It has been interesting and challenging."

-- Susan Wittstock



Faculty and staff honored for service to Ohio State

President Brit Kirwan and Larry Lewellen, associate vice president for human resources, hosted a recognition program Dec. 13 to honor faculty and staff who have completed 25, 30, 35, 40 or 45 years of regular Ohio State service during the 2001 calendar year. The honored guests were:

45 years

Rose M. Coleman, Allied Medical Professions; Carolin K. Parks, Extension; Sara L. Staats, Psychology.

40 years

Lee B. Brown, Philosophy; W. James Harper, Food Science and Technology; Neal F. Johnson, Psychology; Bonnie P. Little, Medical Center; Mary Catherine Mitchell, Human Nutrition and Food Management; Bernard Mulligan, Physics; Herbert W. Ockerman, Animal Sciences; Shirley A. Rhea, Libraries; Juan F. Sotos, Pediatrics; Gordon A. Young, Pediatrics.

35 years

Ruth A. Altschuld, Molecular and Cellular Biology; Larry B. Anderson, Chemistry; Charles H. Bell, Extension; Carol J. Bininger, Nursing; James E. Bradley, Geological Sciences; Robert A. Buerki, Pharmacy; Ernestine F. Bussey, Medical Center; James H. Caldwell, Internal Medicine; Susan L. Erskine, Research; Constance L. France, Medical Center; Donald T. Gordon, Plant Pathology; Anne E. Handley, Veterinary Biosciences; Judith A. Holbein, Medical Center; Colleen A. Howells, Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation; John S. Hsia, Mathematics; Judith A. Johnson, Women's Studies and English; Herbert L. Mirels, Psychology; Lowell R. Nault, OARDC;

David A. Nickey, Geological Sciences; D.K. Ray-Chaudhuri, Mathematics; Christine L. Reed, Medical Center; Sondra K. Rhoades, Continuing Education; John O. Riedl, Mathematics; Jan L. Sally, Veterinary Biosciences; Dorothy L. Taylor, Student Affairs; Herbert A. Thomas Jr., University Bookstores; Marva M. Tschampel, Medical Center; Manuel Tzagournis, Internal Medicine; Shirley A. Williams, Medical Center.

30 years

Martha S. Alt, Libraries; Charles A. Amicon Jr., Medical Center; Malinda E. Amspaugh, Student Affairs; Larry J. Artz, University Laboratory Animal Resources; Dennis K. Baker, Extension; Jack M. Balcer, History; Ellen A. Banks, Minority Affairs; James R. Bartholomew, History; Diane L. Baugher, Educational Policy and Leadership; Joseph L. Boldizsar, Receiving; Theresa M. Bowers, Athletics; Bobby G. Canada, Medical Center; Cheryl A. Capraro, Enrollment Services; Jeffrey J. Capraro, Medical Center; Jerry T. Catt, Medical Center; Barbara J. Cooley, Medical Center; Leandro Cordero, Pediatrics; Elson L. Craig, Ophthalmology;

Timothy J. Curry, Sociology; Jann H. Cutcher, University Development; Christine A. Dailey, Emergency Medicine; Connie M. Dantuono, Humanities; Don M. Dell, Psychology; Kenneth D. Deweese, Horticulture and Crop Science; Karen A. Dimmick, Industrial, Interior, and Visual Communication Design; Margaret A. Doi, Medical Center; Phillip E. Dotson, OARDC; Amy M. Edgar, Graduate School; Clyda D. Esmonde, Reprographics; Lawrence E. Eubanks, Extension; Robert S. Everitt, University Development; John V. Fark, Extension; Daniel M. Farrell, Philosophy; Charles E. Fast, Physical Facilities; Frank W. Felske, Medical Center; David C. Ferree, Horticulture and Crop Science;

Angela S. Fielder, Arts and Sciences; Albert H. Ganz, History; Salvador Garcia, Spanish and Portuguese; Clara E. Gardner, Internal Medicine; Elvira M. Garofalo, Medical Center; Pearlie M. Glover, Dentistry; Paul E. Hafner, Medical Center; Koichiro Harada, Mathematics; Michael E. Haubner, Extension; John W. Heimaster, Physics; William E. Henderson, Extension; Joanne L. Hershberger, Plant Pathology; Barbara J. Hillmon, Medical Center; Fredrick J. Hitzhusen, Agricultural, Environmental, and Development Economics; Ellen I. Hock, Human Development and Family Science; Ernest A. Holladay, Treasurer; Sally K. Hritz, Office of Chief Information Officer; Sally A. Hurst, Health Sciences; Dorothy W. Jackson, Psychology; Donald G. James, OARDC; Ronald Jones, Optometry; David M. Jordan, Horticulture and Crop Science; Sonja M. Kalamas-Elder, Theatre; Douglas C. Karnap, Ohio Union; Charles S. Kennedy, Medical Center; Robert D. Klingensmith Jr., Geography; Susan M. Knorr, Internal Medicine; Gary J. Kociba, Veterinary Biosciences; Barbara A. Krumsee, Continuing Education; Mary J. Leazier, Medical Center; Gregory B. Lee, Animal Sciences; Linda K. Lewis, Human Resource Research; Linda S. Lipsey, Veterinary Hospital; Susan J. Logan, Libraries; Shari L. Lorbach, Humanities; Joseph H. Lynch, History;

Roger E. Lynch, Physiology and Cell Biology; Patricia L. Magee, School of Teaching and Learning; James J. Mager, Enrollment Services; Samuel V. Martin, Medical Center; David E. Maynard, Physical Facilities; Evelyn C. McGhee, Extension; Pamela J. McKinley, Medical Center; Don W. Miller, Mechanical Engineering; Richard A. Miller, Industrial, Welding, and Systems Engineering; Andrew T. Morris, Mail Services; Charles G. Moseley, Chemistry; William E. Nelson Jr., African-American and African Studies and Political Science; Jamie L. Nightingale, Extension; Robert E. Norton, Education and Training for Employment and Human and Community Resource Development; Larry K. Nutter, Physical Facilities; Jim G. Polson, Extension; Abdul Rahaman Jr., Veterinary Biosciences; R. Caroline Redding, Mechanical Engineering;

Kathleen A. Reger, Medical Center; Kaye E. Roberts, Medical Center; Samuel D. Rucker, Physical Facilities; Sandra D. Rutkowski, Biological Sciences; Syed Saiduddin, Veterinary Biosciences; John W. Scarville Jr., University Police; Barbara A. Schneider, WOSU Stations; George F. Schumm, Philosophy; Carol F. Scott, Engineering; Thomas G. Seng, Physical Facilities; Shiv K. Seth, Medical Center; Mary M. Simon, Medical Center; Joann D. Skinner, Medicine and Public Health; Neil E. Smeck, Natural Resources; Deborah L. Smith, Printing Services; Effie J. Spillman, Health Sciences Library; Ora C. Spradlin, Physical Facilities; Edward S. Sterling, Pediatric Dentistry and Nisonger Center;

Jaris Stern, Counseling and Consultation Service; Carole L. Stover, Medical Center; David G. Stroud, Physics; Marie T. Taris, Graduate and International Admissions; Robert O. Taylor Jr., University Police; Irene B. Tesfai, Civil and Environmental Engineering and Geodetic Science; Arlene Thompson, Nursing; Sarah A. Tjioe, Pharmacology; Stephen V. Tracy, Greek and Latin; Marianne M. Traficant, Medical Center; I. Timothy Tucker, Dentistry; Mary A. Van Fleet, Medical Center; Charles W. Vrotney, OARDC and Natural Resources; Marlene L. Wagonrod, Medical Center; Charles T. Warren, Dentistry; Patricia A. Warren, Medical Center; Marlene Weikert, Extension; Susan A. Willauer, Student Health Services;

Lynn B. Willett, Animal Sciences; John L. Williams, Medical Center; Rose A. Wilson-Hill, Minority Affairs; Mary Beth Wise, Internal Medicine; Douglas A. Wolfe, Statistics; James D. Younger Jr. University Police.

25 Years

Ruby L. Akin, Internal Medicine; L. Gwendolyn Alaura, Food, Agricultural, and Biological Engineering; Amy M. Albee, Medical Center; Dina S. Allen, Extension; Beth A. Amiet, Animal Sciences; John K. Anderson, Medical Center; Annette L. Aneshansley, Animal Sciences; Thomas M. Archer, Extension; Linda D. Arwood, OARDC; Mijiza M. Ashanti, Medical Center; Shirley E. Badger, ATI; Janice Baker, Research Foundation; William T. Bardall, Plant Pathology; Karen A. Barnes, University Development; Lester E. Barnhart, Development; Steven R. Basford, Human Resources; Phillip D. Beckley, Allied Medical Professions; Tamara B. Bell, Facilities Planning and Development;

Jeanne K. Bernhard, Education; Nancy E. Betz, Psychology; Gloria A. Beverly, Medical Center; Catherine S. Bianco, Human Resources; Patrick J. Bonace, Mathematics; John R. Boykin, Stores; Nancy K. Brant, Architecture; Vinita C. Brinda, Otolaryngology; Irene S. Brundage, Student Health Services; David M. Butler, Music; Elaine F. Butler, Medical Center; Deborah A. Cameron, Libraries; Mary Carroll, Information Technology; William C. Carter, Transportation and Parking Services; David A. Cartwright, ATI; Ricky O. Casey, Ohio Union; Thea T. Cesner, Natural Resources; David G. Chafin, Physical Facilities;

Jospeh F. Chesnick, Student Affairs; Beverly A. Cochran, Obstetrics and Gynecology; Mary A. Cole, Greek and Latin; Alexis C. Collier, Psychology; Carl F. Cooper, Food, Agricultural, and Biological Engineering; William L. Cox, Veterinary Hospital; Cynthia M. Crawford, Extension; Erma J. Crowder, Physical Facilities; Harold G. Crumedy, Mail Services; Mary J. Cull, Nursing; Suzanne K. Damarin, Educational Policy and Leadership; Joseph A. Damico, Information Technology; Mildred L. Daniels, Extension; Joseph F. Dasta, Pharmacy; Debra L. Daugherty, Medical Center; Michael D. Davis, Music; Richard B. Davis, Medical Center; David L. Denlinger, Entomology and Extension;

Elizabeth A. Dickson, Medical Center; Diane A. Dolan, Student Health Services; Diana DuBrul, Near Eastern Languages and Cultures; Jean-Pierre L. Dujardin, Physiology and Cell Biology; Christine L. Dupler, Student Health Services; Julie A. Durkin, Medical Center; Cathy M. Eley, Ohio State Lima; Denise L. Fickle, University Development; Patricia M. Finerty, Medical Center; Ronald J. Fioritto, Horticulture and Crop Science; James E. Ford, Physical Facilities; Jere L. Forsythe, Music; Marcia M. Frank, OARDC; Michael M. Fulton, ATI; Gwedolyn D. Funchess-Whatle, Information Technology; Michael L. Gamble, Physical Facilities; E. Lucinda Gandert, Board of Trustees; Martha M. Garland, Academic Affairs;

Sandra L. Garver, Libraries; Janice M. Garwick, Extension; Shirley A. Giles, Veterinary Hospital; Tina M. Gilfilen, Medical Center; Joseph A. Gliem, Human and Community Resource Development; John C. Golden, Laboratory Animal Resources; Delores A. Goodwin, Medical Center; Richard P. Gunther, Political Science; Julia F. Guy, Anatomy and Medical Education; Mary Jo Gyuro, Physical Activity and Educational Services; Barbara A. Hackman, Pathology; Marshall R. Haddock, Music; Kenneth M. Hale, Pharmacy; Kathryn Haller, Health Sciences; Joan S. Haskell, University Registrar; Richard E. Hatton, Medical Center; Wanda C. Hay, Medical Center;

Phillip A. Heath, Ohio State Lima; Matthew J. Heller, Medical Center; Timothy E. Heron, Physical Activity and Educational Services; Karen S. Herron, Medical Center; Lynda J. Heyl, Development; Mary L. Hill, Geological Sciences; Nancy S. Hill, Student Health Services; Vicki S. Himmelman, Medical Center; Thomas J. Hindes, Stores; Rebecca J. Hooper, Extension; Linda S. Houston, ATI; Patricia A. Howard, Nursing; Bruce L. Hull, Veterinary Clinical Sciences; Thomas H. Hurley, Student Financial Aid; Donald F. Irvin, Food, Agricultural, and Biological Engineering; Patricia A. James, Medical Center; Michael A. Jennings, Medical Center; Olla F. Jones, Research Foundation;

Richard A. Jones, Transportation and Parking Services; Richard C. Jones, Physical Facilities; Shirley A. Justice, Ohio State Newark; Phyllis J. Kaldor, Medical Center; Nancy E. Kaler, Food, Agricultural, and Environmental Sciences; Lucy J. Karr, WOSU Stations; Donald G. Kasten, Electrical Engineering; Barbara E. Kent, Medical Center; Rema M. King, Fisher College of Business; Charles A. Klein, Electrical Engineering; Charles Klopp, French and Italian; William H. Knox, Medical Center; Catherine W. Kohn, Veterinary Clinical Sciences; Katherine A. Kramer, Continuing Education; Teresa A. Landholt, Veterinary Hospital; Herbert M. Lane, Extension; Alan E. Lawrence, Veterinary Hospital; Jeffrey D. Layman, Extension;

Douglas J. Leary, Treasurer; Carl V. Leier, Internal Medicine; Richard G. Lembach, Ophthalmology; Audrey M. Lentner, Surgery; Ellen M. Leppert, Physical Facilities; Gary D. Lilley, Horticulture and Crop Science; Paul E. Linehan, Printing Services; Bonnie E. Locher, Medical Center; Alice F. Long, Student Affairs; Joel G. Lucas, Pathology; Michael L. Lynch, Physical Facilities; Michael E. Mangino, Food Science and Technology; Katherine Marshall, Student Health Services; Jane C. Martin, Extension; Joseph T. Masoni, Physical Facilities; Judith S. Mayne, French and Italian; Stephen A. McCafferty, Economics; Miller B. McDonald Jr., Horticulture and Crop Science;

Mary A. McIlroy, Pediatrics; Nicolette N. McNeely, Extension; Robert M. McNulty, Medical Center; Kathlene R. Merendo, Speech and Hearing Science; Georgia L. Meyer, Plant Pathology; Mary L. Meyer, Medical Center; Barbara A. Micetich, Medical Center; Linda Miller, Business; Mary Kay Miller, Anesthesiology; Kenneth E. Milliser Jr., Mail Services; Marla U. Milsted, Medical Center; Stephen R. Milsted, Human Resource Research; Silas Montgomery, Physical Facilities; David G. Moody, WOSU Stations; James L. Moore, Athletics; Lora J. Moore, Ophthalmology; Sona L. Moore, Medical Center; Betty J. Moran, Education;

Kyle A. Morgan, Ohio State Newark; James Morgan Jr., Physical Facilities; Lawrence F. Mull, Medical Center; Paul E. Mullins, Physical Facilities; David A. Munn, ATI; Melanie K. Murphy, Information Technology; Judith L. Neidig, Internal Medicine; Mary F. Nevius, Medical Center; Jill E. Nolan, Extension; Marvin L. Olmstead, Veterinary Clinical Sciences; John O. Olsen, Radiology; James H. Owens Jr., Physical Facilities; L. Alayne Parson, Academic Affairs; Daniel A. Piccinini, Physical Facilities; Rick A. Pitchford, Physical Facilities; Boris G. Pittel, Mathematics; Linda L. Poe, Moritz College of Law; Conny A. Pope, Medical Center;

Jane M. Porter, Dentistry; Aljean M. Powell, Ohio State Marion; Barbara J. Powell, Medical Center; William F. Pratt III, Physical Facilities; Marlyn S. Price, French and Italian; Franklin H. Proano, Comparative Studies; Agnes R. Qualls, Physical Facilities; Michele Rallis, Physics; Wendy A. Ranney, Materials Science and Engineering; Alfred W. Reader, Dentistry; Myrlyn T. Reasoner, Medical Center; Wayne J. Redenbarger, Spanish and Portuguese; Leslie A. Rhoades, Medical Center; Landon H. Rhodes, Plant Pathology; Cheryl C. Rice, Medical Center; Darlene S. Richardson, Veterinary Hospital; Douglas E. Ries, Physical Facilities; Nancy H. Rogers, Moritz College of Law; Susan G. Rogers, Medical Center;

Ophelia B. Roher, Medical Center; Lawrence M. Romanoff, Athletics; Douglas A. Rund, Emergency Medicine; Richard A. Sams, Veterinary Medicine; Marcus H. Sandver, Management and Human Resources; Mary M. Sanzi, Human Resources; Gregory L. Sautter, ATI; Edward J. Schlechty, Mathematics; Paul R. Schleich, Medical Center; John C. Schmid, Horticulture and Crop Science; Catherine M. Schoby, Dentistry; Sandra G. Schwartz, Student Affairs; Goldie A. Shabad, Political Science; James E. Shanks, Physical Facilities; Sue E. Sharb, Extension; Robert G. Sherding Jr., Veterinary Clinical Sciences; Thomas L. Sherman, Surgery; Richard D. Shiels, History;

James M. Siddens, Graduate School; Mark J. Siedel, OARDC; Diane L. Sliemers, Reprographics; Mark E. Smith, Physical Facilities; Barbara J. Sohayda, Veterinary Hospital; Mary S. Sprague, Health Sciences Library; Deborah L. Steele, Medical Center; Roy A. Stein, Evolution, Ecology, and Organismal Biology; Joseph R. Stewart, Medical Center; Patricia A. Stewart, Medical Center; John L. Stith, Physical Facilities; Stephen M. Strauch, Veterinary Biosciences; Curtis Strickland, Student Affairs; Sherwood G. Strohl, Ohio State Mansfield; Patricia A. Sword, OARDC; Kenneth W. Theil, OARDC; Catherine A. Thompson, Moritz College of Law; James W. Thompson, Student Affairs;

Lonnie G. Thompson, Geological Sciences; Sharon E. Tipton, Allied Medical Professions; Peter A. Tomasek, Human Resource Research; Ellen M. Turner, Medical Center; Thomas B. Turner, Animal Sciences; Robert C. Turowski, Medical Center; Kathy J. Underwood, Office of the President; Augustus J. R. van Buren, Physical Facilities; Montina J. VanMeter, Neuroscience; Bernadette M. Vano, Physical Activity and Educational Services; Judith A. Vertikoff, Physical Facilities; Robert L. Vertrees, Natural Resources; Robert C. Vessels, Dentistry; Abdul S. K. Waheed, Medical Center; Ellen D. Waits, Social Work; Janice E. Walker, Medical Center; Maurice E. Watson, Natural Resources; Mary Jo Weaver, Food, Agricultural, and Environmental Sciences;

W. Joseph Weaver, Undergraduate Student Academic Services; Joel M. Weaver II, Dentistry; Doris M. Wells, Physical Activity and Educational Services; Thomas H. Wells, Music; Carol Wenzlaff, Medical Center; Pheoris West, Art; Joanne I. Weston, Academic Affairs; Douglas J. Whaley, Moritz College of Law; Larry D. Whatley Sr., Printing Services; Diane S. Whitbeck, Student Affairs; Nancy J. White, Medical Center; Henry M. Williams, Student Affairs; Larry R. Williams, Information Technology; Richard B. Williams, Medical Center; Cathy L. Young, Student Financial Aid; Donn C. Young, Medical Center.


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