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Jan. 9 ,2003
Vol. 32, No.13

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Buckeyes bring home National Championship

Quarterback Craig Krenzel, No. 16, finds a hole in the Miami defense to lead the Buckeyes to victory in the Fiesta Bowl. Krenzel was the Buckeye's leading rusher in the game.


Photos by Kevin Fitzsimons

The undefeated Buckeyes thrilled the country with a 31-24 double overtime win over the University of Miami in the Fiesta Bowl National Championship game Jan. 3. In recognition of their accomplishments, the University will host a victory celebration at 1 p.m. Jan. 18 in Ohio Stadium. Admission is free.

Tressel hands the National Championship trophy to defensive lineman Kenny Peterson during the awards presentation ceremony.

Running back Maurice Clarett, No. 13, scored the game-winning touchdown.

Tracy Stuck, director of the Ohio Union and student activities, and Don Stenta, associate director of student activities, stand among the hundreds of bags of groceries made up by volunteers from Ohio State and the University of Miami at St. Mary's Food Bank in Tempe, Ariz.



Charity drive surpasses goal

By Susan Wittstock, onCampus staff

The 2002 Community Charitable Drive has surpassed its $800,000 goal, and contributions continue to be accepted.

As of Jan. 6, Ohio State's Columbus campus had collected $823,954, or 103 percent of the goal, for distribution to central Ohio health and human services agencies.

"It is quite a terrific accomplishment that the University community has chosen to be so generous, particularly in a year when other charitable organizations, such as United Way of Central Ohio, are reporting lower-than-average donations," said Ned Cullom, program manager for the Office of Human Resources. "I can only attribute it to the positive attitude, hard work and cooperation of college and office lead coordinators and the generosity of our faculty and staff."

Drive results this year continue Ohio State's trend toward record breaking totals. Last year, the University raised $793,276 -- 104 percent of the $760,000 goal. In 2000, Ohio State raised $746,800; in 1999, $717,871; and in 1998, $651,000.

Eight federations of charities are the designated recipients of funds: the Black United Fund of Ohio; Community Health Charities of Ohio; Earth Share of Ohio; Greater Community Shares of Mid Ohio; The United Negro College Fund; and United Way of Central Ohio, Delaware and Fairfield counties. Each group serves as an umbrella organization for several independent member agencies.

The drive began Oct. 1 and officially ended Nov. 27, but contributions will continue to be accepted through the end of January. For more information, call 292-0641 or contact your unit's coordinator.












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