onCampus Today and onCampus Weekly

Submission process

onCampus Today and onCampus Weekly are publications that enable you to share your most important news and information with Ohio State's faculty, staff and student audiences.

To share a news item for onCampus Today or onCampus Weekly, visit the online submission form at go.osu.edu/umrequest and complete the form. At that time you can provide a suggested headline, brief descriptive text and a link to an appropriate web page where more information about the news item can be found. You can also indicate the nature of the news item, which publications it should appear in, and a desired publication date.

While submitting a news item does not guarantee it will be published, all items will merit thoughtful consideration. University Marketing will contact you in the event an item will not be published.

Items submitted may edited for clarity or brevity.


Deadlines for onCampus Today are as follows:

Monday: Previous Thursday at noon

Tuesday: Previous Friday at noon

Wednesday: Monday at noon

Thursday: Tuesday at noon

Friday: Wednesday at noon

These deadlines remain the same when onCampus Today goes on a reduced publication schedule (Monday, Wednesday, Thursday) during the summer and other times of the year.

For onCampus Weekly, the publication deadline is the previous Wednesday at noon.


onCampus Today shares a wide variety of news with the faculty and staff audience. Due to the high volume of submissions, not all content items can be included in each day’s edition. University Marketing will work with its partners across campus to ensure the most pertinent items are included in a timely manner.

Among the items that will merit consideration are: Institutional/college/unit news, research news, campus events and opportunities (this includes regional campuses), Office of Human Resources updates and faculty/staff news and accomplishments.

Items that will not be considered for editorial inclusion are: Obituaries, retirement news, items that advertise for-profit ventures or for services that require payment, news unrelated to the Ohio State community, or items deemed inappropriate by University Marketing staff.

Publication profiles

onCampus Today is an e-newsletter that keeps Ohio State faculty and staff informed about what news and events happening within the university community. It is distributed to more than 40,000 faculty and staff on a daily basis (reduced to three days a week during summer and holiday breaks). A recent reader survey indicates that 80 percent of Ohio State faculty and staff read onCampus Today, and 61 percent read it every day.

onCampus Weekly is an e-newsletter that has two editions serving Ohio State undergraduate and graduate students. The undergraduate edition reaches 56,000 students and the graduate edition reaches 14,000. Editions are delivered each Sunday during the school year and on a reduced schedule during summer and holiday breaks. These e-newsletters are produced by University Marketing in partnership with the Office of Student Life and Ohio State’s Graduate School.


Editorial inquiries should be directed to Terri Stone at stone.306@osu.edu.

Advertising inquiries should be directed to adsales@osu.edu.

Submission form

To share a news item for onCampus Today or onCampus Weekly, please complete the SUBMISSION FORM. Simply Click the "Create New Request Button", and Choose onCampus Stories from the drop-down menu of Request Types. The form will then prompt you for all necessary information. (Or you can view this form at https://osu.my.workfront.com/requests/submitted.)